Rover Rage logoDo you like rovers? Or do you like to design your own rover? But it seems like your parents won’t allow you to have your own rove in this young age. But wait for a second, ROVER RAGE brought your favorite thing in this platform. It does always have been tough to make your own robot. You have to collect pieces and the have to find anastomoses to pair them up and so is it in game. Rover Rage provides you with an opportunity to make or customize your robot in case to defeat your enemy. You just don’t have to kill your enemy you to loot it and collect all the spare parts your rival has, in order to make your rover strongest. Everyone knows how to deal with enemy and how to keep your robot strong. What part of pairs will make robot strong? You have to decide this. So in this game, you have to modify your model with 200 different modules available in the game but you have to work hard to make sure if parts are alike.

First you have to decide your favorite are from the map then your rover will land there. In your route there would be hurdles, difficulties and the most important thing your enemies would be there and you have to face them all. Your strategy would not to collect the guns, kits, weapons etc. But to collect the parts so you can recover and customize your rover. The chances of your winning depend upon how many modules you have collected. You can modify your robot from the editing tool and you can also merge your robot with highly advanced one. It depends upon your choice. Your concentration should not to defeat your enemies, but to collect the modules.



  • Create Rover of your own choice.
  • Every rover has its own uniqueness.
  • Rovers will have the shape as you want.
  • Aircrafts rushing into the sky.
  • Robots trooping on the ground.
  • Rebirth of Dinosaurs.

From where do you need to choose the parts of your Rover?
Every time you should choose your rover which have some distinctive functions from the previous one.It could be:

  • Canon
  • Sniper
  • Laser
  • Booster

Now, if you are dreaming your robot to have all those qualities in one you wants then you can have it after all you are playing rover rage in 2019!

Unlike other games, In rover rage the battlefield would never be a safe place to stay at. You have to collect or loot the parts from your enemies which can upgrade your robot as soon as possible. Because killing your rival should not be your mission but to collect the parts from enemies to make your rover strengthened should be your main goal.

Your brand new rover will allow you to team up with your pals. Plan with them and fight strategically to get your game in your hand.

Game features

  • It contains high quality graphics and effects
  • Have over 200 unique models
  • It helps you to fight against other players
  • Handy System of Controls

Every game has its own version and even these versions get change time to time. Different version contains some specific changings. This Rover rage contains a new version which is of 0.100.58. Amendment occurred in this version too. And the most important thing we check before to download a game is how much space does it requires? So rover rage requires a space of 77.85 MB.

Do you ever hear a word STEAM? You might have an instant thought that it might be Software. Well, then your thoughts are wrong it’s not a software it is a form of DRM. Now what is DRM? It stands for Digital Rights Management. It offers you free games from which you can install it whenever and however you like. And guess what there would no need of crapware to run your game. But you have to check whether your desire game is available on steam or not
Rover rage is not available on Steam so we can download it on PC or MAC through Bluestack and Nox.

How to get Rover Rage on PC and MAC

Rover Rage for PC


As ROVER RAGE is available for android devices, there is no straightway method to play on PC. But don’t worry it surely does not mean that we cannot play game on PC. We can play on PC or MAC by downloading vast emulators.

What is an Emulator?

Emulator is a software or sort of software which can typically be used to make your PC and MAC behave like other systems. Depending upon the type of emulators, it can change your PC and MAC’s environment into an android one. For running your game smoothly on your pc you have to find the essential emulator for it. Once you find and download emulator on your pc you can easily play games on it. Following are the emulators which are used:

    • Bluestack
    • Memu
    • NOX
    • Koplayer
    • Remix OS
    • Android Studio

But two of the following are frequently used emulators and they will help to play games without any interruption and they are fully trusted emulators readily available.

  • Bluestack
  • NOX player

Running Rover Rage by using Bluestacks

Setup of Rover Rage for PC


Logo bluestacksWe can download rover rage on PC with Bluestacks and Andy but the most convenient is to use Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a mobile emulator that allows you to run your favorite games on PC or Laptops. Here are the following steps by which we can download bluestacks. After downloading bluestack on pc we can easily download any game. By doing following process we can download rover rage:

  • Step one: First of all we have to Install bluestack and then run the installer.
  • Step two: Complete the one time setup
  • Step three: Then go to the search bar and at the top right corner and search for rover rage.
  • Step four: Click the icon then click install on Google Play screen.
  • Step five: Once the installation is complete then click on rover rage icon in my app tab.
  • Step six: Then it will be downloaded and you can play without any inconveniences.

Running Rover Rage byu using Nox App Player

Logo NoxNox App player is another app from which we can download games on our pc. By following some of the steps you can have your games on your PC and can play without any inconvenience:

  • Step 1: First you have to open Nox app player.
  • Step 2: Download the APK file of the game Rover rage to your PC.
  • Step 3: Drag it into NOX app player window.
  • Step 4: Drop to install.


Downloading Rover Rage on Android Services

Logo AndroidOfficially rover rage is available for android services but there are some requirements which android have to fulfill to run this game. It can easily be easily downloaded by the following steps:

  • Step one: Open your android play store.
  • Step two: Look for rover rage.
  • Step three: Install it and play.

Yes, it is this easy to play game on android.
It surely does not mean that you can access to this game only to specific androids. Somehow it is true but if your android has access to following requirements then there would be no difficulty in playing this game on your android.

    1. Android device should be of 4.0+ versions.
    2. Device should be of 4.1+ versions.

Rover Rage for iOS

Logo iOSRover rage is not easily available for IOS. It has some requirements. Beyond these requirements your game would not be installed in your IOS.

      • Requires IOS 8.0 or later.
      • Requires 1GB RAM or above.

But to use it on IOS you have to download another app first. You can get your game through beta test with test flight. Following are the steps which have to be done to play rover rage on IOS:

      • Step one: Sign up with your email.
      • Step two: Before beta test starts, you will receive an email from testFlight which invite you to join the test.
      • Step three: You will receive email, open it on your iPhone, pad and start testing button.
      • Step four: After clicking start button you will be provided with link which will take you to app store to download TestFlight.
      • Step five: When installing is finished, you have to redeem the code.
      • Step six: This will show with up with rover rage, Click install.
      • Step Seven: Open your app and have fun.

What is paid in it?

Rover Rage PC
Whenever we play any game we get some gems, jewels, keys, gifts etc. It depends on a game that what we get. Unlike other games, in ROVER RAGE it provides you with the spare parts of your rover. Our main goal in this game is to collect or loot the parts of rover which will make your rover worth it. Some people say that rover rage is similar to PUBG but still in that games you have to collect guns to save yourself from enemies but in Rover Rage, if you want to save yourself you have to make your rover strong and also you will be provided with guns to destroy your enemy. Following are the things you will be provided with

      • Guns
      • Pistols
      • Spare part of rover

So if you are making strategies to kill your rival you also have to plan how to loot your rover’s spare part from your enemies.


The prestige of Empire elapsed with time but its Module Technology has affected humans so much. To make your module strong and worth to kill even strongest rival all you have to done is to combine the various parts collected on the desert area. People have to collect them and have to make their own module so they create powerful rovers with infinite possibilities and so making own module with the symbol of power.

Frequently asked question (FAQS)

After reading about this exciting game you might have a lot of questions in your mind or may it seems complex to you but for your help here is the quick look at questions which we get the most and answers which will clear your mind further

    1. I haven’t found the new version Rover range. When it will be published in market?
      It’s already been published few months ago on 17th May 2019. You must have check on your app store, play store or wherever you are playing.
    2. I am having problem downloading rover rage in my IOS. Please help.
      For having rover range in your IOS you must have version of 8.0 or more. If you still have problem in downloading it then you must have update or IOS or need to make more space in your phone.
    3. This game is not appearing in my app store. Why?
      Sometime, this game does not appear in your app store because of your IOS. But you can play it with TestFlight. I have mentioned the whole process before. You just need to follow the steps and you will open up with Rover rage in your phone.
    4. What would be the best strategy to become a player?
      You need to focus on collecting and looting spare parts of rover from your rivals. And you must have to kill your enemy in order to get your rover’s part.
    5. I can’t connect to my friends. Why?
      First thing you have to check is whether your friend is online or not if they are online and still not connecting then check your steam overlay and retry the connection. Then you’ll be connected soon so you can enjoy it with your online friends and can share your rover’s parts.
    6. Is it important to loot parts of rover from rival too?
      Yes! It is important to collect spare parts from your rivals too after killing them in order togain more power.