5 Similar Games To Rover Rage for PC – Best Alternatives

With the increase in the use of technology in day to day lives, video games have been gaining popularity exponentially. They have become a great way for people to relax after a long day and due to the following that some games have garnered, tournaments have become a great way to earn money while playing these games. There are several different genres of video games that involve racing, building and arcade games. The most popular genre is the battle royale genre that boasts of games like PUBG.

Rover Rage is a game that encourages players to build their rover. These rovers are then pitted against each other and the rover that survives emerges victorious. The game is based on survival making it a battle royale style game.

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Several other games give the player the same amount of excitement and an opportunity to engage in some form of combat like Rover Rage.

5 Best Games Like Rover Rage

Free Fire – Battlegrounds

A group of 50 players are pitted against each other in a battleground to see who is the last man standing. The game starts with the players being dropped off on an island via parachutes and have the opportunity to explore the vast map and look for loot to see if they can find weapons and other resources to use in battle.

The force field closes as the game progresses allowing the players less amount of movement and increasing chances of confrontation. This is a game which is as exciting as any of its counterparts.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The game offers to modes namely ‘zombie’ and ‘multiplayer’, letting players to choose if they want to band up with other players or they want to combat each other in the game. There are several maps that one can explore in the game to break the monotony. There are several weapons and extraordinary visuals that make it a game which is at par with Rover Rage.



This is a game which has some similarities to Minecraft and allows users to build their world using blocks. You can even enter and manage worlds that are created by other users. You can move your character across the map to explore places and collect resources to build your structures. It is a proper sandbox game that allows 90 million users to compete against each other in real-time.

Game for Peace

The game drops you off in a location where 100 different players battle it out to see who emerges victorious. The game is similar to PUBG where players are allowed to explore the island and collect equipment that spawns in the play zone.

Last Day on Earth

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment where the players are battling zombies and collect items that can be used as resources during the last day on Earth.  You can collect hemp, meat, vegetables to aid your survival. You can find screws, plastic and other materials to aid your mission.

With these games, one will never feel the need to go look for new games and can spend their free time playing the kind of video games that they appreciate without having to rely on one game only.