Rover Rage – Glimpse of Gameplay And Features

Rover Rage is a new game which is officially designed and developed to be downloaded on your Android and iOS devices. The game ensures to provide a new experience to the fans of this genre. It involves discovering a completely new world of adventure, thus keeps you occupied for multiple hours as the interesting pastime.


Get Rover Rage on PC (Windows) and Mac

About The Game

Rover Rage is the first-ever rover creation and combat game on mobile. The game not only provides you the freedom to show your creative skills in customizing your own rover but also gives you the incredible combat experience in the vast universe. The best part for all players is no rules here.

The game revolves around controlling your rover across the surface of a planet, where you need to apply a variety of powerful weapons to destroy the machinery of your enemies. It is all about representing your engineering skills in the game. The innovative rover models are created using different modules, here you can combine different modules as per your choice and choose the machinery with unique characteristics.

Now, start your journey across the isolated planet. Rover Rage also involves fighting against enemies by applying a number of weapons from long-range missiles to crush the enemies.

Key Features

Interactive Graphics and Effects

Rover Rage has an interactive and high-quality graphics and effects which is enough to grab the attention of players to try their skills on this new game.

Multiple modules

It offers more than 200 modules; each has its own wonderful function, thus gives you multiple options to choose from. These include cannon, sniper, EMP, laser and many more. Anything which you have dreamt of creating a rover can one be possible at your fingertips.

Customize your Rover

When all players create their rover, obviously each one would be unique. The game provides you a freedom to craft your rover in your own way, like you can select whatever shape you want and you can also arm it with sniper and cannons to target your enemies from several miles away. You can also choose to crush the enemies by using drills and blades.

Loot and collect in real-time

The main mission of each player is to get as many modules as possible so that you can craft a powerful and the best rover on the planet. But, one thing that you must always keep in mind that no battlefield is ever safer for any player. You can also collect and assemble the modules, upgrade your rover and loot your opponents in real-time.

Make a team

What makes this game more enjoyable is the team up with your friend, it means you are not alone in the battle. When playing in duo mode, you can make a team with your friend and modules can be shared between both of you. Nothing can be compared to an effective and smooth collaboration to have a magnificent victory in Rover Rage.

Looking for a safer place, jump onto the deserted planet with your own created rover and invite your friends to be part of this battle.